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Strength & Performance Blog

The Yoke & Stone Strength & Performance Blog will help athletes at any level to improve their strength and athletic performance.

4 LEVELS OF FITNESS i.e. The first assesment before beginning a fitness program

Mark Taysom

There are 4 levels of fitness. Each level requires a certain level of training and by "training" I mean Effort & Sacrifice. Everyone should be pursuing one of the levels. Yes, EVERYONE! The entire human body's physiology operates under the assumption of daily exertion. Most people's (99% of humans) "goals" as they call them are achieved in the first 2 levels. However, marketing and all the attendant pageantry is most "mysterious", "elusive", and "exciting" in the 4th level. Thus the 4th level and its accompanying "Effort and Sacrifice" is what the masses have self-prescribed for themselves. It is not hard to see why most fitness/health self-initiated programs fail.  For an individual who is a novice to undertake a 4th level fitness program is the academic equivalent of undertaking a calculus course with out first passing Algebra!  A total  academic recipe for disaster. Here are the four levels:

1. HEALTH: Just training for your health is EASY.

2. ACTIVE: Training to live an "active" lifestyle like hike and play catch with your kids with an occasional church-league basketball game is simple too.

3. PERFORM: This type of training is for people who have to be at a certain high standard to do their job or task, i.e. Firefighter, Soldier, Lumberjack, etc. Success at this level of training requires guidance from a trained expert.

4. WIN: This kind of training is for those whose job it is to Win, to be the best. This type of training requires extensive amounts of time and accurate effort and serious coaching expertise from a team of Sports Professionals.