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About Mark Taysom


Mark W. Taysom MS, CSCS, FMS

 (303) 881-6550 (cell)


Global Strongman Corporation


Ø  2013*, 2014    Competed in the Strongman World ChampionshipsPlaced TOP TEN*

Ø  2010*, 2011*, 2012*, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016   National Championships3rd *, 4th *, 4th* (placings)


3 Awards from the Surgeon General of the Army for “Excellence in Fitness Instruction”


NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), National Conference 2013, ‘15, ‘16 Presenter

American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting Rocky Mountain 2016 Presenter


Grand Canyon University – Adjunt Instructor Exercise Science ’16 -Present

  • Instruct EXS344 Exercise and Special Populations, covering the specific exercise needs, demands and considerations of the following populations:


    • Cancer Patients 
    • Tactical Occupations
    • Diabetic Individuals
    • Elite Athlete
    • Youth
    • Elderly
    • Disabled Athlete/Non-Athlete


  • Instruct EXS 458 Theory and Practices of Strength and Conditioning


Chandler/Gilbert Community College Faculty Instructor Exercise Science ’16 – Present

  • Developing the first college curriculum for a “Tactical Strength and Conditioning” concentration
  • Instruct EXS216 – Instructional Competency: Muscular Strength and Conditioning 2 
  • Assist in the instruction and physical training of the student athletes.


 Fort Carson – Division Director of Strength and Conditioning ’10- ‘15

  • Trained 100’s of Soldiers for Selection, Ranger School, Sapper School, and Special Law Enforcement.
  • In charge of the development and daily training for 4th ID female Army recruits to attend Ranger School.
  • Oversaw the creation of the Iron Horse Performance Optimization Program.
  • Helped to create the NSCA’s text book, “Essentials In Strength And Conditioning”  4th ed.
  • Make rewrites and revisions to, and implement the Army’s new Physical Readiness and Reconditioning Manual (see link below)
  • Create and implement educational CEU’s for Graduates of the Army’s Master Fitness Trainer Courses.
  • Implement and teach the Army’s new Army medical readiness campaign (see min 1:37)
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of fitness screenings for the Surgeon General of the Army (article link/ see photo caption) 
  • Supervise the physical training of 1,500 Soldiers a week.
  • Developed and conducted a battery of 17 different fitness assessment tests to be done on 8,000 Soldiers.

Mark W. Taysom

United States Olympic Training Center Strength and Conditioning ’09-‘10

  • Created new fitness techniques for Team USA, Paralympic swimmers, which aided in attaining several World Records.
  • Work in concert with other athlete support staff to insure success at the highest level.
  • Achieved the highest attended strength program for several USA Teams.
  • Created individually specialized rehabilitation training programs for injured athletes.


 Denver Broncos NFL - Strength and Conditioning ’06 and ’07  

  • Implement the off-season strength program, for all 93 elite potential players.
  • Instill innovative, position-specific, training aimed at enhancing performance and reducing injury.
  • Work in concert with coaches and medical staff in designing rehabilitative programs for injured players.


Intellitec Medical InstituteSports Psychology/Exercise Physiology Instructor ’11-12’

  • Design curriculum, create class power-point presentations for classes concerning personal training.
  • Taught from NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) text books i.e. “Essentials in Personal Training” and “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning”.
  • Taught from the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) Corrective Exercise Training text book.


Colorado Real Soccer Club - Professional Skills Instructor ’06 - ’08

  • Instruct elite coaches and players in Technical Foot Skills, Fitness Methodology and Game Strategies.
  • Colorado Real is ranked nationally (Top 50) and has several National Champion teams.


J.K. Mullen High School - Director of Women’s Soccer 2003 Season

  • Ranked (by USA Today) as one of the top 25 women’s soccer programs in the country.
  • Responsible for hiring all coaches and training three top-level soccer teams.
  • Coached the team to the State Final.
  • I changed the school’s entire approach to training; to thwart injuries, which resulted in a 94% decrease in injuries from the years previous to my arrival.


The Phoenician Resort (5 Star Rated Hotel) - Senior Fitness Agent ’00-’01

  • Service Star Award recipient at the #1 rated service spa in the country (Spa Magazine).
  • Assist guests and members with individual exercise programs.
  • Train new-hires in guest relations and verbal communication techniques.
  • I was personally named in Spa Magazine’s report as having helped create a 5 star facility.



Masters of Science: Exercise Physiology: University of Northern Colorado

Bachelor of Arts: Human Performance and Sport / Nutrition: Metropolitan State University 


Volunteer Experience / Awards

  •  Colorado Avalanche (NHL), assisted with pre-season Functional Movement Screenings and land based agility training / testing (2011, 2012).
  • Master Teacher Award recipient: public speaking instructor.
  • Boy Scout Advisor for 6 years (helping Scouts achieve their Eagle Scout rank).
  • Served for 2 years as a missionary, ’96 - ’98.





Dear Coach,


      I am writing you this letter of recommendation in support of Mark Taysom for the position that has recently opened with __________.  I have known Mark for the past 4 years through my position here at the NSCA as well as clinics, networking events, and professional interactions. 


     I have had the opportunity to witness Mark coach athletes when I observed his groups at Ft. Carson (on multiple occasions) and he is very comfortable and capable coaching and teaching in front of large groups.  I have also witnessed him design and teach Professional Development seminars for our Coaches and interns here, at the NSCA.  He is able to break down complex movements and processes and teach them so that any athlete he’s working with can grasp it.  He is able to command respect of his Soldiers/athletes by his excellent teaching skills, positive attitude, and the way that he leads by example.  He possesses all of the qualities that a coach needs to have; intelligence, communication, character, and integrity.  I have no doubt that these traits will serve him well and he will continue to excel in his career as a strength and conditioning instructor and coach.


     I give Mark the highest recommendation possible and believe that he will be a tremendous asset to any collegiate / professional / Military Unit / educational or private program.  Please feel free to contact me directly at anytime regarding his knowledge, skills, and abilities. 



Scott Caulfield, CSCS,*D, RSCC*D

Head Strength and Condition Coach

Coaching Program Manager







Dear Ma'am / Sir,


My name is Jonathan Low and I am writing to you as a professional reference for Mr. Mark Taysom. I currently hold the position Director and Exercise Physiologist of the Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center for the Air Force at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. I currently work with all services ranging from F-22 pilots and EOD Airmen, to Rangers and Special Ops with the Army to Seals with the Navy. With that experience I still cannot overstate the confidence I have in Mark as strength and conditioning professional having worked with him at Fort Carson, helping develop the Army’s “Building the Soldier Athlete” program.  I can also speak from firsthand experience, as I played collegiate football for Colorado State University from ’01-’03 as a defensive end for Coach Sonny Lubick.

Mark has the knowledge, technical teaching skill and professional confidence required to mold young men and women using the abilities of those individuals needed for success on the battle field, athletic field, in the classroom and in the field of Exercise Science, while holding to the core values of honor, integrity, and selflessness. Mark Taysom has a fire and passion for true strength and conditioning that I have never come across before. This can be shown by the dedication he gets from previous and current Soldiers / athletes under his instruction, but also shows in his personal dedication and recent accomplishments in being multiple time strongman state champion and top level national and world competitor. He is the strongest lb. for lb. man I know, yet carries himself in a way of quiet confidence. I attribute that to his consummate professional attitude and knowledge that is among the very best in the field.

It is my desire that you consider this young man and he is the very best at what he does and is the absolute best in getting unbelievable results out of any person. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time should you wish to discuss him further. I can be reached at or by personal cell phone ######

Very Respectfully,

//////////signed: Jonathan A. Low,///////////


Director and Exercise Physiologist

Human Performance and Rehabilitation Center (HPARC)

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96853




To:  Hiring Manager

Fr:  Matthew Chandler, University of Oregon Asst Strength Coach

Re:  Recommendation for Mark Taysom

Dear Coach/Hiring Manager


It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation to you on behalf of Mark.  ...........................  I whole-heartedly believe that Mr. Taysom would be a great asset to not only your staff, but more importantly, to the student athlete.  


Mark and I worked together at Ft. Carson Army Base developing and implementing their strength & conditioning programs.  He actually began the program on his own and I followed a year later.  I was so impressed with Marks passion and dedication to the success of the program, but more importantly, to the Soldiers.  He has true passion for his craft as a teacher and coach.  


Mark conducted numerous formal classes to Soldiers whose knowledge in the subject of strength & conditioning ranged from none to moderate.  I would compare it to that of undergraduate level students.  What was so impressive was his ability to command the class and hold their attention through long lectures and hands on teachings.  Most importantly, he was able to reach all the class participants with engaging lectures.   Mark’s knowledge base is matched by few. This may seem like what a teacher should do, yet I feel it is truly put in perspective when you factor in that the classes were 100-200 Soldiers.  Daily Mark would rally the troops as they engaged in the work out of the day through positive motivation and continuous coaching.  This too, was done with groups of 100-200 Soldiers at a time.  To say Mark has the ability to handle high workloads in stressful environments would not do him justice.


To put this best, Mark is what we looked for in Marines.  Dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, hard working, a team player, loyal, the list could go on and on.  Having served, I understand the importance of having good people around you. In today’s day and age it is extremely hard to find trust-worthy, hard working, dependable people/staff.  Mark epitomizes each of these traits and more.  For me to say he was an asset to my development as a coach is a severe understatement.  


As I enter my 15th year of coaching, I can’t think of anyone else that I’d put at the top of my list as a colleague.  I have been blessed to own my own facility, work as a strength coach for the Olympic Training center, and learn from great instructors; Mark leads my short list of coaches I would recommend for any position. If there is anything further I can offer on Mark’s behalf, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards


Matthew Chandler MS;  CSCS


Assistant Strength Coach

University of Oregon