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Strength and Conditioning Training

Yoke & Stone approaches strength and conditioning training by first building a solid foundation from which strength can grow from the individual athlete, regardless their chosen sport.


The YOKE & STONE formula for success in fitness and strength is founded upon the physiological and philosophical principles of success.  YOKE & STONE will help you filter out fitness buzz and identify and build around true principles of strength amidst a fitness age where gimmicks and popular trends create mythical laws for fitness, health, and performance. YOKE & STONE will enable you to clearly identify the proper direction for achieving your performance goals.

YOKE & STONE will help all comers to achieve individual success in strength & performance by integrating the foundations of fitness success. These foundations include the 4 Pillars of Fitness, the 5 Movements of Life, the 3 Stimuli for Improvement, the 5 Star Method, Psychology > Physiology, and FITTNESS. YOKE & STONE not only enables participants to achieve individual success in the immediate future, but also frames the template for all future fitness success. YOKE & STONE is not just about teaching programs, but instead seeks to teach principles that empower its adherents to direct their own fitness/performance plans, thus equipping them to ultimately improve adherence to and enjoyment of exercise and training.